March 8, 2013- Accepted to Vesalius College

July 15, 2013- Received my official long stay visa from the Belgian Consulate

August 17, 2013- Left a mildly worried Dad, Uncle Johnny, and Alana at the Chicago airport, bound for Europe

August 18, 2013- Stopped over in Dublin before landing in Brussels, Belgium!

August 21-23, 2013- New Student Orientation

August 26, 2013- First day of classes

December 13, 2013- Last final exam of the semester finished!

December 16, 2013- Last paper of the semester submitted! I’m done!

January 11, 2014- Moved into my new host family’s house.

January 12, 2014- My new roommate, Lindsay, arrives from the US.

January 15, 2014- Orientation for the new study abroad students.

January 20, 2014- Classes start for the second semester!

February 3, 2014- Began an internship at the Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to the European Union.

March 13, 2014- 21st Birthday! Celebrated with a visit to the doctor to get medicine for a bad case on tonsillitis. Yuck!

March 21, 2014- Make-up 21st birthday celebration in Brussels!

April 4-20, 2014- Spring Break through France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Italy.


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