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My Goals

15 Jul

As many of you know, I am about to embark on a 8 month study abroad program at Vesalius College in Brussels, Belgium. It took me a while to decide where I wanted to go, but Vesalius is really perfect for me! I am going to be able to study peace and security studies at a school that is known for educating leaders in European Union politics.

Vesalius College

 Going abroad feels like a big step for me, but it is something I have always wanted to do. Unfortunately, I am known to be more than willing to sit in my room and read books all the time. Therefore, I am giving myself goals that I hope to achieve throughout my time abroad. I will keep you updated as to how I’m doing.


  1. Try new foods! I started doing this more since my recent trip to France, There is so much to learn about a people and their culture through the food they eat. Maybe I’ll even get over my distaste for fish!
  2. Travel in country! Don’t forget that there is more to Belgium than Brussels! I can visit Antwerp, Bruges, and lots of smaller little villages.
  3. Make friends! I don’t mean acquaintances, but true friends that I can keep with me for life, kind of like my amazing Melissa (who I still hope to visit a lot while I am there)!
  4. Learn the language! Not only do I want to improve my French, but pick up on some Dutch, too. Since I’m studying in the Dutch part of town and that is my school’s “official language”, I think it will be easy to pick things up here and there.
  5. Study, study, study! There is a reason I decided to go to Vesalius to study. It is a fantastic school that will really help me in my pursuit to get involved in foreign policy. This also includes studying off campus. I live in the same place that the European Parliament meets and a good amount of their meetings are open; you better believe I will be there!

I know that I will come up with new goals, but this is a good start!

Thanks for reading my first post, and feel free to give me any feedback you might have from here on out!